Framed Shower Glass in Oklahoma City, OK

framed shower glassframed shower glassAdding framed shower doors in Oklahoma City, OK to your bathroom is a great way to create a clear, sophisticated focal point that immediately improves the atmosphere of your space. Framed shower doors are more imposing than frameless or semi-frameless options because they feature a full-frame hardware concept, however this often makes them more powerful—especially in bathrooms that require a bigger design impact.

Framed shower glass in Oklahoma City, OK also has the benefit of hardware that can be customized to fit the space around it. Choosing the right hue or tooling for your shower door can immediately blend it into your bathroom’s design these, creating a cohesive look and feel that resonates. Moreover, it can set the tone for future improvements you make, acting as a central theme that can be built on.

framed shower glassframed shower glassAnother benefit to framed glass door hardware in Oklahoma City, OK is its ability to control leakage and water flow. In some frameless shower door installations, water can become a problem, leaking through gaps in the panes or spraying out at precise angles. The framing around framed shower doors prevents this from occurring, giving you peace of mind as you shower away!

Finally, full-frame showers offer the capabilities to accommodate sliding shower doors in Oklahoma City, OK. Frameless and semi-frameless showers require hinges to open and close doors. With a full frame, doors can be placed into sliding tracks, considering space by not requiring a full opening.

If you’re contemplating framed shower glass in Oklahoma City, OK, consider speaking with Metro Glass, Inc. today for more information about your options. We can work with you to understand your style preferences and budget, to help you get a shower installation that’s of the highest caliber in your bathroom. Give us a call today at 405-728-9667 to get started.