Complete Residential Glass Services

glass servicesResidential glass is all around you. Your home’s windows are tremendously important to your quality of life. Not only do they allow natural light in, they keep forced air temperatures controlled and give you a safe, enjoyable view of the world around you. They’re an important part of your home’s curb appeal and value.

Your home’s glass goes beyond windows, as well! Every mirror hanging on the wall is another glass accent; your beautiful shower doors are a glass luxury; and even a glass tabletop can add allure to your living space.

If any of these critical glass features in your home succumbs to age, damage or obsolescence, trust Metro Glass, Inc. to set things right again. We’re the leading resource for residential glass repair in Oklahoma City, OK and can assist you in restoring your glass no matter the extent of the damage:
glass services

  • Windows: From single-panes to low-e, energy-efficient panes, we know our way around windows. We’ll help repair broken seals, cracked panes or damaged glass to ensure your home looks great, retains forced air and gives you an unimpeded view of the world around you.
  • Mirrors: Got a mirror that’s cracked? Don’t live through 7 years of bad luck! We can repair mirrors to perfection. We also offer custom-cut mirrors to help you complete the design aesthetic in your home.
  • Shower doors: With a bevy of shower door designs and options, we can outfit your bathrooms with luxury and sophistication. Shower doors offer an easy-to-clean and care for aesthetic that’s long-lasting and value-additive.
  • Other glass: If you have other glass in your home that needs repairs or residential glass replacement in Oklahoma City, OK, make us your first call. We’ll restore the splendor of your glass to a like-new condition, so you can get back to enjoying it.

For more information about any of our glass capabilities or to inquire about a consultation for a free estimate on service, get in touch with us today by calling 405-728-9667.