A Few Glass Cleaning Hacks for Cleaner Windows and Mirrors

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Keeping the glass on your windows and mirrors clean can seem like an impossible task. There’s always a new smudge or streak that seems to appear right after you get done wiping them down! Even worse, many “streak-free” cleaners actually leave behind marks and smudges that become prominent when light hits them. It’s enough to drive any homeowner or business owner crazy.

The constant struggle to keep windows clean can even drive some people to think they need window repair in Oklahoma City, OK. If you have a blemish that won’t go away, it’s easy to think that it might be damage to the glass itself. Before you panic and call a glass specialist, however, consider these few glass cleaning tips and see if they work to get the job done:

  • Instead of a paper towel with a cleaning solution, consider using a squeegee instead. Paper towels tend to be dimpled, which causes air to become trapped in microscopic pockets. These air pockets result in streaks on your glass as you wipe it clean. Squeegees, on the other hand, offer a uniform way to wipe your glass, leaving behind no streaks!
  • For larger panes—like patio doors and full-length mirrors—be sure to clean glass with long, even strokes. This ensures you’re not leaving rigid marks where cleaning solution dries after you’ve wiped it over. Again, a squeegee will help here.
  • Don’t have a squeegee on hand? Use a coffee filter! Coffee filters offer microscopic thread construction that’s tight, yet breathable. This prevents air pockets from forming and allows you to wipe glass clean without any streaks following.
  • Gunk on your windows? Instead of scrubbing and making matters worse, use rubbing alcohol to attack the stickiness. This will completely remove any gunk from your glass and allow you to clean it thoroughly without the threat of spreading the stickiness.
  • Are you seeing microscopic scratches in your panes when the light hits them just right? Before you call for window repair in Oklahoma City, OK, see if you have any non-gel toothpaste laying around. Applying a small amount to a soft, damp cloth and rubbing it in a circular motion over the scratch should work to absolve these micro-scratches.
  • If you notice your glass looking a little cloudy, it might be a sign that the pane needs to be replaced. If you don’t have the funds for that right now, don’t worry—you can also use white vinegar to absolve the problem in the meantime. Soak a paper towel in vinegar and put some elbow grease into the cloudy area. In just a few minutes you should see a clear pane once again.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything in the book and your windows are still showing signs of dirt, debris or damage, call a glass expert. The problem could be between the panes or of a nature that requires professional oversight. It’s possible to get flawless glass—you just need to approach the problem with the right frame of mind!

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