Auto Glass Repair in Oklahoma City, OK Goes Beyond Aesthetics

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That windshield crack may be unattractive, but it is also dangerous! We frequently see customers who will drive for months, if not years, with cracked auto glass thinking it is a cosmetic shortcoming that can be fixed at any time. However, cracks could lead to structural damage that will be much worse to fix and may even cause an accident. Here are five reasons why you should address the need for auto glass repair in Oklahoma City, OK as soon as possible:

  • Repair over replacement: If you address damage to auto glass early, it may be a repair rather than a replacement, and that saves you money. It is not uncommon for windshields, back windows and passenger windows to sustain damage on the road. Chips and blemishes no wider than a credit card can be filled if they are not deep. This may prevent it from becoming a crack. But if that chip spreads into a crack, you will have no choice but to replace that window.
  • Shatter risk: Auto glass is shatterproof. This is due to resin layers that keep it together even in hard impacts that would normally shatter non-auto glass. As long as that resin is secure, the chance of glass shattering and injuring you is low. But if there is a crack in your windows, the protective shield is compromised. The chances of a hard impact shattering that glass are higher, and that is another element that can injure you and your passengers. These cases often require an ER visit for glass removal and stitches. Fix your auto glass to avoid that.
  • Reduced structural support: Your windshield and to some extent your back window play a part in your car’s structural integrity. Passenger windows are designed to open and do not offer this support, so the windshield and back window become a big part in holding up your car’s roof. With either of them cracked, an impact will not only shatter the glass, but could also bring down the roof, too. This heightens the seriousness of the accident and may result in greater injury.
  • Visibility issues: If a crack in your windshield is right in your line of sight, it will affect visibility while driving. By itself, it may not seem like much of an interference. However, once summer starts and the sunlight makes an appearance, that crack will reflect it and give you a bright blind spot that produces dangerous and uncomfortable glare. This does not go away with night driving since the headlights of an oncoming car will have the same effect.
  • Higher insurance premiums: Accidents from windshield cracks may not be your fault all the time, but they will all result in higher insurance premiums. If you get into a fender bender because of visibility issues, that puts you on record as a negligent driver. Also, if an otherwise minor accident becomes a big deal because your roof crashes down or your passengers incur cuts and stitches from shattered glass, that is another element to raise your premiums. Insurance companies take into account many factors when assessing your rate. How you maintain your car to keep it safe is one of them, so address issues before they result in serious impacts.

When it is time for auto glass repair in Oklahoma City, OK, you need a reputable vender. You will find that with Metro Glass, Inc. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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