When Should You Seek Windshield Replacement in Oklahoma City, OK?

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Did the windshield of your car recently develop a crack, and now you figure it’s time for windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK? Not so fast! While you should certainly take your vehicle to a glass services professional, it’s possible that your windshield may only require a repair, rather than a full-scale replacement.

While your glass services professional can provide you with expert advice specific to your situation after looking at your windshield in person, here are some factors that might be useful in offering an idea of what you may be able to expect when you take your vehicle in for service.

What type of crack or chip has occurred?

Typically, cracks and chips that are no bigger than a quarter lend themselves to repair rather than replacement, though a glass services professional will make a recommendation after viewing the damage in person.

Certain types of cracks have the highest potential for being fixable with only a repair. These include small cracks branching out from a point of impact, circular cracks, dings or small chunks of glass that are missing.

If your windshield has completely shattered, you’ll need a full replacement. If your windshield shatters, for your safety, it’s important that you not try to drive your car yourself—even if you plan to drive it directly to a glass repair shop. Stop driving and call a tow truck to have your vehicle brought in for service.

What is the size of the chip or crack?

Often times, chips that are about one inch in diameter and cracks that are approximately three inches in length can be fixed with a repair and don’t require a replacement.

This is not a hard and fast rule, however, as many advanced technologies can be used to repair more extensive chips and longer cracks. Your glass services professional will be able to recommend a logical course of action for your particular situation.

Where is the crack or chip located?

If a crack has occurred near the edge of the windshield, a full replacement may be in order, as a glass services professional may feel it is wiser to perform a replacement if they are unable to see the full extent of damage caused.

Other types of chips or cracks that may necessitate a full replacement include cracks or chips directly in the driver’s line of vision, cracks that are more than 18 inches in length, cracks on the inside of the windshield, severe cracks or chips appearing on both layers of glass and cracks that have become contaminated.

Whether you may require windshield replacement in Oklahoma City, OK now or in the future, you want a glass services professional whose expert knowledge you can trust. At Metro Glass, Inc., we specialize in performing services of multiple types, including auto glass repair and replacement, residential glass repair and replacement, commercial storefront windows, window repair, full wall mirrors, custom glass entry doors, glass conference walls and doors, glass table tops and shelves, cabinet door glass, custom glass furniture tops, insulated glass replacement and single pane glass replacement.

For a free estimate or to arrange to bring your vehicle in for windshield repair or replacement, call Metro Glass, Inc. today!

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  • I never knew that the location of the crack determines whether only a part or the whole thing needs to be replaced. I recently cracked my windshield on a road trip and can see a huge line down the middle. I’ll have to consider getting that fixed in the future.

  • Thanks for your comment about how you should look into windshield replacement when it has been cracked in some large-scale way. I like how you said that if it is chipped near the edge, it’s a good idea to get it all redone. My husband is considering getting a new windshield since it just cracked.

  • I had no idea that cracks in a windshield that are more than 18 inches in length should be replaced. I was driving the other day and noticed a crack had formed on mine, but I wasn’t sure if I needed to replace or repair it. I might have to take it to a professional and see if they can determine it for me. Thanks for sharing!

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