Frameless Shower Doors in Oklahoma City, OK May Be Right for You

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There are many options for shower doors in Oklahoma City, OK, and choosing the right one can be difficult to determine. Many customers do not give much thought to shower doors until they need to replace theirs, and when they do, they often feel overwhelmed by their choices. Frameless shower doors are one popular option. Here are six reasons why they may work for you:

  • Strong construction: It is often assumed that framed doors are stronger than unframed, but that is not necessarily true. Framed doors contain thinner glass to accommodate the frames. The frames offer reinforcement, but often not enough to prevent weak spots that could eventually break. Frameless doors use thicker glass that is more durable. While all shower doors contain shatter-proof glass, you likely want to avoid future repairs, if possible. Your best bet is to choose frameless doors if preventing repairs is a priority.
  • Expanded design options: Framed doors are limited in how they hang or swing. This makes replacing them a necessity if a bathroom must change for accessibility reasons or you simply want to remodel. A frameless door can swing in or out, on either side, and even be equipped with double hinges. With this flexibility, you can enjoy the ultimate customized bathroom.
  • Low maintenance: You can spend a long time scrubbing framed doors because the crevices make perfect breeding grounds for mold and mildew. With the frameless style, you can ditch the old scrubbing toothbrush and simply wipe and let them dry. All you need is glass cleaner and paper towels, which beats the time-consuming mildew killing routine.
  • Longevity: Frames eventually corrode. Showers are not friendly to metal materials, and the onslaught of water will rust your frames. Even if the frames remain intact, they will still lose their aesthetic appeal as they start to compromise. Without the frames, you have one fewer element to break and that leads to longer-lasting shower doors. In fact, frameless doors frequently last three to four times longer than their framed counterparts, which makes them an excellent long term investment.
  • Endless decorative options: Frameless doors match just about every bathroom scheme because you do not have to worry about towels or wall colors matching the metal in your framed shower doors. They have a more modern appearance and work well with classic bathrooms and the latest trends. People often choose frameless doors during a bathroom remodel because they are still making decisions on the other fixtures and want flexibility. Choosing frameless gives you one fewer detail to fret over as you design your bathroom.
  • Enhanced home value: When selling your home, you need every advantage you can find. Attractive frameless doors that demand less maintenance will appeal to potential buyers. Their longevity is also an advantage when potential buyers want a new home and not someone else’s problems. Your frameless doors will definitely present advantages in this competitive home market.

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