Five Signs That It’s Time for Window Replacement in Oklahoma City, OK

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Sometimes the clues that you need window replacement in Oklahoma City, OK are really apparent. For instance, if your windows were blown out during a bad storm, you need new ones. However, knowing when you should replace your windows (instead of repair them) can be a bit tougher to decipher sometimes. Here’s a quick guide that can help make that decision easier:

  • Your windows are totally gone: This one is a no-brainer. If your windows were destroyed by a tornado, or knocked out by a falling tree, you need brand new windows. After all, there’s no way you can comfortably live inside a house that doesn’t have windows. Our experts can help you determine which windows will best suit your home’s needs, as well as your budget.
  • Your window glass is cracked: At first, you might not be too worried about hairline fractures along your glass. You might be thinking, “It’s just a small crack. What harm can it do?” While it’s true that a small fracture won’t cause much of a problem initially, it’s bound to eventually get worse. That small crack can start to widen and get longer. Before you know it, your whole window will be broken. Replace your window sooner rather than later if you notice any cracks in the glass.
  • Your windows are always foggy: Having foggy windows on a very cold day isn’t uncommon; it’s actually pretty normal. That’s just the result of a major temperature difference between the inside and outside of your home. However, if you notice that your windows are always foggy, you’ve got some type of problem. The constant fog is caused by condensation that’s gotten in between two panes of glass. Constantly foggy windows are both annoying and a sign that it’s time to invest in new windows.
  • Your window frames are warped or failing: Over time, the window frame around the glass can start to perform worse and worse. This means cold air can seep into your home while your warm air is flowing right out. You can make small repairs and do quick fixes like adding more weather stripping, but that’s just a temporary solution. You’ll soon realize that you need total window replacement in Oklahoma City, OK in order to get the most out of your windows. Replacement can be expensive up front, but you’re sure to save money on your heating and cooling bills in the long run.
  • You want a lower energy bill: Speaking of lower energy bills, new windows can help reduce how much you spend on heating and cooling each month. Innovations in the way window frames and window glass are constructed and installed can drastically reduce the amount of hot or cool air that gets inside. Less air coming in from outside means less work for your furnace or air conditioner—and less work for those appliances means a lower electric bill!

Don’t let failing windows ruin your day any longer. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, give Metro Glass, Inc. a call today for expert assistance!

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