Enhance Mirror Replacement in Oklahoma City, OK with Custom Mirror Frames

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Custom mirror frames are the newest service offered by Metro Glass, Inc. Included as a separate service or as part of mirror replacement in Oklahoma City, OK, custom mirror frames offer some serious advantages. Here are five reasons why you should consider custom mirror frames the next time you order mirrors for your home or business:http://metroglassinc.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=354&action=edit#edit_timestamp

  • Durability: Since they’re made of glass, breaking a mirror goes beyond the myth of bad luck. It is a horrible mess, and if broken in public, it’s also a safety hazard for passing foot traffic. Framing your mirror leaves it less vulnerable if it falls off your wall or is dropped during moving. The frame covers exposed edges that could start cracking on impact and absorbs the shock of a fall. If there is a crack on impact, the frame will keep that crack from shattering. Think about why you put your expensive smart phone in a case. Custom frames work the same way when they protect your mirror.
  • Enhanced decoration: Mirror frames are excellent aesthetic elements that add to the overall decorative effect. You can choose custom frames that match the paint color of your walls, or pick a design that matches your other wall art pieces. There is no reason to go with a plain frame (or no frame at all) if you have an idea of how the frame could help the mirror pull a room together better. If you are buying frames for retail mirrors, this is also a good chance to advance a brand by using trademark colors. A custom frame will pull that off better than if you attempt to use a premade one.
  • Fits unusual shapes: If you prefer round or octagon mirrors to square ones, you are not necessarily going to find a frame off the rack. You will likely have to customize a frame to your mirror. Panel mirrors in businesses often pose challenges when they need framing. When you take the custom route, you can assure the frames will match with each panel or that you will secure the specific look you seek.
  • Easier hanging: A framed mirror hangs much easier than an unframed one. Even when you buy a premade one, it will come with hanging hardware and make that job easier for you. When you take the custom route, the hanging hardware can also be adapted to support hanging heavier mirrors or match elements on a wall that make hanging the mirror challenging.
  • Convenience: With our custom mirror frames, you can order replacement or new mirrors from us and secure the frames at the same time. If you need mirrors fixed and the frames are broken, too, we can fix and restore them to original condition so there is no difference between the looks of the old and new mirrors. You will enjoy the additional convenience because you will not have to work with an additional service provider to secure both a mirror and a frame.

For custom mirror frames and mirror replacement in Oklahoma City, OK, contact Metro Glass, Inc. today.

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